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Welcome to this website, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I’m Michele Monasta, a professional wedding photographer based in Florence, Tuscany.

If you are planning your wedding, I will be happy to provide all the information you need to immortalize your special day.

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Michele Monasta, Tuscan Photographer

Wedding Photographer for over 20 years

I’ve been photographing in Florence, Siena, Chianti, and all over Tuscany and Italy for over 20 years. I find my greatest expression in wedding reportage, also known as wedding photojournalism.

The wedding day is a unique concentration of emotions happening in the “here and now“, and as long as I continue to be thrilled with every click, I will keep capturing these moments.

People choose me and my team with the confidence that they will receive an emotional and “authentic” story, created with discretion, that will last a lifetime.

I hope you’ll consider inviting me to your wedding, I promise you just candid photos!

Capture real emotions

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About Me

My collaborators and I love our work and have fun and emotions at every wedding. This is the real secret of our approach and why our photos and videos are able to communicate the magic of your special day.

Why Choose Me

Decades of Experience

With over two decades of experience in Tuscany locations, I bring a wealth of expertise to capture your special day.

Unique Style Photos

My distinctive style ensures that your wedding photos will stand out, capturing the essence of your love story in a unique and memorable way.

Authentic Emotions

I love capturing genuine emotions. Your wedding album will be filled with heartfelt moments that transport you back to your special day.

Professionalism and Discretion

I and my team approach our work with the utmost professionalism and discretion, ensuring that your wedding day remains as intimate as possible.

Client Testimonials

“Words truly cannot describe the level of beauty Michele captured on my wedding day. He managed to capture emotion unlike any photographer I have ever seen! He is e trembly professional and dedicated to his art, yet approachable and loves or as a person which makes everyone feel comfortable letting their guards down, allowing for such powerful photographs to be taken. My friends and family in the United States could not believe how gorgeous our photos are. He truly sets a new standard for wedding photography. He is also honest, reasonably priced, and passionate about his home city Firenze. We learned a lot from him. I cannot recommend him highly enough!”
Review by Natalia on Tuscany Wedding Photographer Michele Monasta
Natalia M.
"An excellent photographer, not only for the quality of his work but also for how he managed to relate to the guests, being pleasant and never intrusive. All guests were pleasantly surprised by his presence. My husband and I chose a "particular" way for the photos as we wanted to take them before the ceremony so as to capture the moment when we saw each other for the first time dressed and ready to say yes, and live those moments in intimacy. Michele once again proved to be invaluable because he managed to capture those moments perfectly while remaining a discreet presence, guiding us from time to time but never making us feel like we had to pose, making us live those moments to the fullest. Same thing for the photoshoot after the ceremony, the photos during the ceremony and those of the reception. The quality of the photos is unique. He manages to capture the perfect moment and make it immortal, we still get excited looking at the photos as if we were still there. The rendering of colors and lights is spectacular."
Martina's Opinions on Michele Tuscan Photographer
Martina C.
"How to explain the amazing and most valued person at our long planned wedding in Tuscany. Michele is the most wonderful and extremely talented photographer I have ever met. His personality is so kind, understanding and very professional. He blends in, so you dont even notice him running in circles to make the most of every situation at your wedding. He never stops to amaze and when you see the photos you understand what a ninja and talented human being you have booked. I found him online and fell in love with his ability to create a story in every picture. Michele is not only xxtreme talented but also a person you feel secure and very comfortable around. You dont feel his presence but he is everywhere."
Kim and Charlotte opinion on Monasta
Kim & Charlotte

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